In any event, food is one of the most talked elements. Every guest who is in the event comes in contact with the food and the arrangements. So the main aim is to provide unmatchable catering services to the clients and that is the motto of Archi Events when it comes to the catering part. We are a full-service catering company that provides multiple high-quality cuisines. We provide you with endless varieties of delicacies and vast experience in this field gives them a cutting edge over others in handling parties, small or big. The team which prepares the food in our Catering are all specialists and experienced in this field and they have got the perfect blend to make you ask for just another extra slice.

Why Archi Events?

We have incorporated modern methods for cooking and serving at the noble traditional Rajasthani style of serving food. We continue to be the trendsetter for other companies in the catering industry. The delight with which we prepare and serve food makes you want to pick up only one more slice. And even we grow and expand continuously, their passion for serving one with the most delightful and lovely food Stays the Same. We know that every event requires the best service with ingenuity & creativity. We deliver the best of authentic, delicious, and mouth-watering cuisines. We offer very reasonable rates for vegetarian menus and would provide any cuisine according to the demands and needs of their clients.

Services we Provide

  • Different Varieties of Cuisine
  • High-Quality of Food Preparation Material
  • Hygienic and Sanitized Food Preparation Process
  • Raw Material Brands According to the Client’s Choice
  • Multiple Range of Crockries for Serving Food
  • Different Themes of Luxurious  Counters
  • Designers Dining Chairs & Tables for a Luxurious Feel
  • Neat, Clean and Well Dressed Waiters
  • High Profile Couple Waiters
  • Foreign Waiters
  • And Many More Services………..