Inaugraution Ceremony

Inaugraution Ceremony

Every Individual, no matter what Age, When they start to earn and make a living, have a dream to construct their property or to purchase a new one. A new property means years of hard work, and everyone wants to celebrate that beautiful moment with their near and dear ones and want to start that new life with their blessings. For this beautiful purpose Inaugural party is organized to cherish that memory forever.


Why Archi Events?

Archi Events completely understand the feeling of constructing/ purchasing a new property, and also we know the joy a person feels when they shift to their new place. We take care of that sensitive memory and craft the inaugural event in a way so that you cherish that memory forever. We mix traditional methods and modern techniques to create that unique and unforgettable event that is memorable and a lifetime memory for you.

Services we Provide

  • Theme Based Decoration
  • Tent Work
  • Guest Welcome
  • Guest Entertainment
  • Inaugraution Concept
  • Photography
  • Security Arrangements
  • Parking Arrangements
  • Catering & Food Preparation
  • And Many More Services ………….