Lets Get to Know the Team of Archi Events

Strong Management

An event is a significant part of a personal life that’s very profoundly connected to heart, soul and feelings. To create a successful event that caters to your own heart and feelings, all you need is strong leadership and direction which is only possible when you have the mix of Expertise, Experience, New inventions, use of new technologies and the energy of a new creation. The management of Archi Events is one such element that has the exact blend of these above ingredients which helps us to successfully manage all our Events and that too under any budget, time and location constraints. And that is one of the primary reasons why we now have a Massive customer base from around India including some marquee firms like Wipro, Corporation Bank, Lux Industries, L&T, Mahindra, Hardwyn, Bencardo Bathwares, Liftwell to name a few.

Team of Archi Events

Yogendra Gupta


Role in Archi Events

In Archi Events he is the one who is involved into a detailed discussion with the client, understanding their requirements, and preparing an entire comprehensive project under any budget, location and time requirement with services from the most trusted Vendors. Also, He ensures that the discussed services are delivered timely and makes sure that the services are executed under his supervision. He ensures that the plan is ideal and perfect from every angle and he also leads the entire team by physically being there on the field and ensures that things are implemented with ZERO ERROR METHOD

He’s the man behind the incorporation of Archi Events, and it is his vision that permits the company to provide quality and reliable services. The main reason of incorporation of the firm is the Event industry itself. The principal reason is that Event Industry is the unorganized industry and an event include plenty of components which customers don’t have any idea about nor they attempt to take details about it. It’s his vision that made each and everyone in the company to offer precise detailing to customers and also to describe everything by giving a proper Break-Down Structure of each service provided so that things are transparent and clear from the first meetings.

The background of Mr Yogendra Gupta is also compelling, which itself speaks of how successful his direction and leadership is. Since the past 25 years before entering into Event Management Domain, he has worked in various business domains which range from Automobile, Media, All India Radio, Education Sector to the Political Sector. In the Field of Media, He used to be in the top-level management of marquee firms like Dainik Bhaskar and Rajasthan Patrika. Moving to the Automobile Sector, he was a trader of TVS Motors and Escorts Yamaha for ten long years. Moreover, he’s also a soft skill trainer at the Entrepreneurship Cell of MNIT, and he’s got a great interest in the business of Art and Culture. All the Expertise, Experience, and Qualities from these business domains indeed play an essential part in managing an event successful which is missing in many event executors these days.

Archit Gupta

Director - IT and Innovation

Whenever we talk about a perfect blend for running a business, a mixture of experience and modern technology is essential if we have to be there in the competition. Elements such as youthful energy, new technology, use of modern techniques are overlooked by Archit Gupta. He has completed his MBA with marketing as specialization from the Reputed Christ University, Bangalore. He has got industry exposure in Marquee firms like UltraTech Cement.Ltd, Autolite India Ltd, ITC Hotels, to name a few. Additionally, he has a great exposure in Digital Marketing which he efficiently uses for Archi Events that ultimately contributes to fulfilling client demands of reliable and trusted Event Company.

Role in Archi Events

Whenever there is any innovative demand aside from the conventional requirement whether it is a unique decoration, preparing the 3D model of the venue for the event day, A new style of Entrance of guests etc., he is the one who understands and researches concerning the needs and makes sure it is implemented correctly so that clients get what precisely they have demanded. He also follows the vision of Archi Events, and he makes sure things are executed Practically and with Zero Error.

Moreover, he coordinates with the vendors on the day of the event, and make sure things are organized and implemented in advance. Additionally, he’s the major touch factors for solving customers Query on the day of the event.

Manju Gupta

Founder and Quality Director

Any event is incomplete without ensuring that its quality is upto the mark. Whatever things are used are of an excellent standard. All this top-quality control factor is managed by the female director of Archi Events Manju Gupta who is graduated from the Reputed JDB college of Kota in Arts and Culture as the specialization. Since the beginning, she has a great interest in Arts and Culture, and she continually amazes with her layouts and imaginations in every event.

Role in Archi Events

The quality control variable in layouts, decorations and other elements from Archi Events are managed by Manju Gupta under her supervision. Events like weddings have a lot of traditional functions where females have much responsibility to deal with. The female director of Archi events discusses with female members of the client as females are more comfortable with themselves, and they also have got their perspective. She also plays the role of Coordinator on the Event day. Moreover, she assigns and manages the female artist and coordinates with them on the Event Day