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1. What is the USP of Archi Events?

The answer is the mature management and the structured working format of Archi Events. Event Services for almost every segment, Timely delivery of services, Complete understanding of the requirement, detailed discussion, transparency, Work breakdown structure style working & zero error working are some of the critical concepts that Archi Events follow. Moreover, highly specialized staff, technicians, and vendors who are perfect in their work & have years of experience are Archi Events backbone. Moreover, Personal supervision for every work, no matter if it’s a big fat event or a micro level event but responsibility remains the same.

2. What is the difference between Archi Event and another event companies?

The first and foremost is Working Style. Firstly, we understand client requirements through detailed discussion. Understanding ground reality by venue visit. Then we create a master plan according to the discussion and needs of the clients. We make sure that the master plan is transparent. After client approval, we start booking vendors & artists that are best suited for successful execution. In the end, we make sure that everything is proper through personal supervision, just like a family member. That is the only reason why our clients call us “Family event managers.”

3. What all are the areas where Archi Events provides services?

Now event management is extensive, and Even we are providing services in every segment. Garden-based wedding, Destination Wedding, Sangeet, Mehandi, Roka function, Corporate and social event, political events, anniversary, birthday, retirement party are the key areas where we provide our services. Moreover, a wider range of services from hospitality, logistics & security areas are provided.

4. What is the working style of Archi Events?

The style is highly professional and transparent. The CEO of Archi Event himself was in top-level management in the corporate industry for ten long years, and because of this reason, he precisely understands what professionalism is and the importance of that. From the initial discussion to the final execution, everything is taken care of at each step by personal supervision and zero error theory.

5. Artists and vendors are the backbones of any event. How does Archi Event manage this?

The doubt is very genuine. Timely delivery and maintaining a certain standard, in any event, is possible because of efficient and specialized vendors. Each of our vendors and artists is associated with us for many years and we together, we have designed and executed great masterpieces. All of our vendors understand our timely execution theory and make sure things are prepared in advance, and there is no chance of error & so our vendors work according to our vision.

6. What is the client satisfaction ratio of the Archi Event?

The ratio is 100%. We know that you won’t trust us, but if you look at our website’s strong management section, you can give a self-judgment regarding the client satisfaction ratio. High level of experience equipped with transparency; micro-level working & zero error theory are the solid combination that helps us achieve that.

7. What are the location Where Archi events provide services?

We provide services at every location all over Rajasthan.

8. What is the minimum budget for working with Archi Events?

We do not measure the client based on the budget. It doesn’t matter if a client opts for a single service or a bundle of services. We make sure that the work is executed with the utmost precision and personally supervised.