Marriage Anniversary


Marriage Anniversary

An anniversary celebration is very special for each, and everyone and the reasons can be different for that. For some, it is a way to fulfil their wishes this time in their anniversary which they were unable to execute long back at the time of marriage. For some it can be a wish to relive those magical marriage moments again. 2 Decades back the concept of anniversary and marriage was different when people used to celebrate their main occasions in open ground or an in a social institution. But today the concept is changed altogether. Everyone wants to celebrate their special day with friends family and include a combination of modern techniques and traditional touch in their celebration.

Why Archi Events?

The mature management of Archi Events has also experienced this Anniversary feeling. Because of this reason, they clearly and precisely understand what are the feelings and emotions a couple feels when they celebrate their anniversary. After a detailed discussion with the clients, getting an idea about the budget and their wishes to fulfil in the celebration, we execute the event under our supervision, and we make sure that guests and the host themselves do not forget the celebration

Services we Provide

  • Theme Based Decoration
  • Anniversary Couple Entry Concept
  • Guest Welcome Concept
  • Ring Ceremony Concept
  • Varmala Concept
  • Cake Cutting Concept
  • Live Entertainment
  • Photography
  • Catering
  • Venue Selection
  • And Many More Services…………