Hospitality, Logistics and Security Services

Hospitality, Logistics and Security Services

As we know that there are many changes in the way people celebrate their weddings. According to the wedding celebration’s changing trend, there is a shift from traditional marriage to a destination wedding. All of this shifting has increased the emphasis on Hospitality, logistics sector. Instead of being at home and arranging everything on their own, Families of Bride and Groom shift to a particular venue preferable to a resort, and they want to celebrate the marriage hassle-free with their guests. They want to hand over the duties of arrangement to a particular agency and eliminate the tensions in managing a function and enjoy that VIP feeling. All this scenario has increased the importance of the Logistics part, which fulfills all the guests’ requirement and let them be the VIP for the Day.

Why Archi Events?

Archi Events mature management acts as a responsible family member instead of an agency in every Event and for every service provided. Moreover, the team of Archi Events follows a high standard and customer-focused attitude in hospitality, logistics, and Security services. Our dedicated team focuses on customer value, takes care of the guest’s micro-level requirement, and makes them feel superior on each level. From pickup of your guests from the Airport/Railway Station to accommodate them in the hotel room and bring them to your event venue is our team’s responsibility. Welcoming Guests with a unique arrangement and serving them Drinks and Snacks are all taken care of by us. We take care of all the Logistics for the Event and make sure arrangements are made in advance so that no things are left behind. Our security team’s bouncers and Guards make sure that no outsider person apart from the beloved guests enter the premises. They make sure that the guests’ essential and valuable belongings are safe, and they enjoy the program smoothly and joyfully.

Services we Offer

  • Hospitality Service Management in Hotel & Resort
  • Guest Welcome Arrangements
  • Utility Services
  • Guest Entertainment Services
  • Guest Relaxation Services
  • Event-Related Printing Material
  • Drivers
  • Taxi Cars
  • Buses
  • Luggage Vehicle
  • E Rickshaw
  • Bell Boy
  • Logistic Print Material
  • Bouncer
  • Security Guards
  • Security Equipment
  • & Many More Services …………